The mailbox post

The mailbox post ! After several years of watching our mailbox deteriorate and start to list to one side, a result of NH winters and beady-eyed snowplowers, I decided to use my experience with form/mold making and build a mailbox post. In wood it would be a typical 4×4 post with an arm to hold the box. Mine will also be a 4×4 post with an arm for the box, but, made with cement that has been colored with a brownish pigment and a few decorative features you won’t find on a typical wooden mail box post.

Not knowing I was going to be having a blog several years ago it never occurred to me to take ‘in progress’ pictures of my work. Now, however, this will be a regular habit. I will have ‘in progress’ pictures of ‘the post’ up shortly.


~ by Ed B on June 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “The mailbox post”

  1. Hi Ed,
    Nice looking page and I love the name. This is great. Now we can watch as you do it! And chime in (about the Latin).

  2. Thanks Nancy !! I promise to be in touch when more Latin is needed !

  3. Hey, Love the web sight, nice to know I can walk over and see this artist at work at any time….not to mention a great friend..please see this work…

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