A recently completed project

My most recently completed project is a small ‘triumphal’ arch set in the garden in the back yard. This piece required a bit more work on the molds to create than usual. It was done in typical fashion with half inch plywood and three quarter inch pine board. Sorry, I don’t have pictures of the molds, but, will be making an effort to have some for the mailbox post. I used a silver pigment for the mortar here instead of the brown that typifies my previous work. Haven’t decided yet whether it will be a staple or not.

The Latin, as close as I can figure, says Garden of Peace. The painted olive branch on the right column was my wife Susan’s idea .. and a good one it was ! And, many of the pieces I build have the year built in Roman numerals somewhere on them.

newest garden arch

===========================June 28

Thought you all might like another picture of this arch and my Gateway Arch as they are set in the backyard.



~ by Ed B on June 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “A recently completed project”

  1. Clever . . . the aluminum for the arch. thin enough to bend and cut but stiff enough to support the weight of concrete. Great idea. I’ll use it.

    • Douglas, Thanks for the comment on my blog !! Per the aluminum: I recommend using a ‘hack saw’ type blade to cut it using a sabre saw. And, it’s light enough for fairly easy pre-drilling of holes for screws. I typically use sheet rock screws … and am in the habit now of disassembling molds so I can re-use them later. If you would like a couple sheets of the aluminum I have in stock you are welcome to it. They are one by four feet. I got them from Cado before they closed … because it’s painted it could not be sold as scrap. The paint hasn’t affected anything I’ve used it for … and actually gives the surface a nice smooth sometimes shiny surface. Again, thanks for commenting ! See you in July ! Ed

  2. My favorite, I’ll take one over by the field on the southside of my propery!!

  3. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for the comments !! I suppose I could send you the templates for the pieces … then it’s up to you. Of course if you lived a bit closer I would build one for you. In fact I would build one for anyone who lived at least close to this area.
    Thanks again !

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