An arch in it’s place.

My ‘Gateway Arch’ is now in it’s proper place. It sat in the garden without all of it’s components for a full year. Last summer I was busy building a bridge for a neighbor … and said neighbor gave me a hand yesterday to put this arch in it’s rightful place. The help was much appreciated … especially having that extra set of eyes !


It is situated on the edge of the garden at the head of a path that leads to the woods behind our property … the start point of most walks with the ‘boys’; two wannabee border collies. My sister-inlaw will tell you my Latin is wrong … especially the order, but, the lower left base has raised lettering: PORTA UT (gateway to)… the lower right: SILVA (the woods). I have promised to consult her for any future projects requiring Latin phrases. Sorry it doesn’t show … and, a new paint scheme is in the works …. if it stops raining ! The keystone has the date when it was cast: MMVII … I know that’s right !

Over on the right where it says ‘more photos’ you will find a set called “Putting up The Gateway Arch” showing some of the steps to erecting it.
=============================================================== June 20, 2009
We had a day of no rain, finally, so I took the opportunity to give the Gateway Arch some paint. Some of the pieces had been stored in the basement for more than a year … others had seen one of our winters. So, all deserved to look fresh !



~ by Ed B on June 18, 2009.

One Response to “An arch in it’s place.”

  1. Can you come to my house and build one?

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