The Mailbox Post V

A disappointing day. Several things were wrong from the start when I poured the post on Monday.
#1: The cement mix I used had more than the usual amount of stone in it … and, it had been sitting at the dealers since last fall … consequently there were alot of ‘chunks’ that didn’t break up during the mixing process. This caused voids and air pockets that were lethal. It just wasn’t a smooth mix.
#2: Because of the concrete mix problems and the way I intended to pour, it was necessary to go to plan ‘B’ during the pour …. set the mold standing on the arm and support the post section … that way I could remove sections of the back and try to finish.
#3: I did finish, however, I don’t typically pour pieces this large. Supports should have been placed at several strategic places … being in a hurry because of reverting to plan ‘B’ in the middle of a pour … this didn’t get done.
Today, after removing just one panel, the fatal cracks at those previously mentioned strategic points were very apparent. There’s no fixing it ! The post lies in pieces in the garage and the mold pieces have been cleaned for the next try.
As mentioned here before … a little patience and better planning … it will get done !


~ by Ed B on July 1, 2009.

One Response to “The Mailbox Post V”

  1. I have learned in my weaving that it is just time to readjust. You’ll get it to work!

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