A View To The Yard II

A recent shot of the yard ! This was taken from the top stair of the porch / deck leading down toward the birdbath. It’s a good shot showing the different types of arches I have created to enhance our flower garden area.

A View to The Yard

Starting left to right: A small triumphal arch … I really like this little arch that stands only 38″ high. A good rain darkens it alot letting the raised lettering really show through. The contrast is very nice. Next is what I call my ‘Gateway Arch’ … the only arch I have built that is not only decorative, but, is used every day. In the center is the first arch I built that required flying buttresses. A purely decorative piece that is colored with ‘Fleckstone’ to resemble a white granite. Then the small gothic arch that started out as a round segmented arch, but, just couldn’t stand ! So, a couple of quick round columns with round capitals and there you have it. And off to the right is ‘The Aquaduct’ that carries no water. Another purely decorative piece that has now seen three winters.
There are also strategically placed solar spotlights for all these arches. It makes for quite a sight to have them all lit up at night !
All of these can be seen in more detail below in earlier posts or on the right at ‘more photos’.


~ by Ed B on July 28, 2009.

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