An Update

Yes, it has been several weeks since my last post. As I explained to my DW the concept of adding a new post to this blog without a picture or two to document real progress is hard for me. Though I have made progress on a couple of fronts …
1) I have poured, touched up and sold a mailbox post to a neighbor and will be setting it tomorrow. He has decided to paint it himself which is fine by me.
2) The major components / molds for my new project involving the engaged column are mostly done. Some detail work is still needed for one … and some cutting and assembly for others. One sub-assembly mold is still in the ‘waiting’ mode … it can’t actually be designed till I know if the other major parts fit together as planned. I know this is a bit backwards, build then design, but, that’s just the way this project has gone from it’s inception.
I hope to have a few pictures up later this week of another small project that I did for my neighbors whose dog passed recently … a ‘memorial stone’ I designed and poured purely as a friendly gesture. He has done a magnificent paint job on it and I hope very much I can showcase it here.
That’s about it for now … more later this week … I promise !!


~ by Ed B on August 30, 2009.

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