As Promised … Pictures For The Update

It Was A fine day for setting up my neighbors mailbox post. Things went pretty easily, especially since the hole was all dug for me. A few short boards for propping, a couple forty pound bags of concrete to pour in the hole, and there you have it ! A newly installed mailbox post ! And, a picture to prove it !

Of course this has no paint yet and the hole isn’t completely filled. I left space in the hole for some ‘good’ dirt. Knowing my neighbor there will be something great looking planted there soon.
I suppose I should also say that later in the day a curious tapping caught my ear. My neighbor on the other side of us was out fixing his mailbox post; a typical wooden one that over time needs constant repairs or shimming or straightening. Naturally I invited him over to take a look at my new post …. lo and behold … another order! I figure if I play my cards right the neighborhood will soon have one at the end of each driveway !


~ by Ed B on August 31, 2009.

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