The Engaged Column II

It has been a while coming for another post about the engaged column. I admit I have been negligent in putting up some ‘in progress’ text or pictures, but, for me it was required that I have more than just pictures of molds .. or a single piece to display. So, you will see that progress has been made.


The first picture shows how the engaged column finally made it into being a real thing … not just something I am still musing about. You will notice that the base / capitol for it are duplicates of one another … made from the same mold.


The second picture gives you a better idea of what the plan is. I enhanced the piece with the engaged column with two smaller engaged columns that will hopefully appear to be holding up the left and right pieces of the arch. It’s a bit difficult to see here, but, when all the pieces of the next full section are ready, and if I remember to post, you will be able to see that each section is not square with each another. A ten degree angle on the right side of the main piece that holds one side of the arch will allow each section to diverge …. and so resembling a coliseum when complete.
Now the work begins to build two more molds: one a duplicate of the base / capitol … seems I need two of these for each engaged column piece. And the other to fill the space over the arch with the same depth and height as the base / capitol.


~ by Ed B on September 14, 2009.

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