An Update

There has not been alot of progress on my ‘coliseum’ lately. I have been in the process of building a completly new mailbox post to eliminate unwanted curves and flaws that were apparent, to me at least. And, anticipating a structural flaw because it is a top-heavy piece, I have incorporated a provision for a galvanized 3/4″ steel pipe to run most of the length.
Of course this has not stopped me from doing a bit of design work. Here’s a cad drawing of a single mailbox post … where the box just sits on the arm. No big curves, but would look good nonetheless.
single box post

You can see at the left at the tip of the arm a small curved area. This allows the mailbox door to open without having to have the box positioned out over the end by at least an inch. Of course I didn’t realize this till after making my own post …. then realizing I could not open door fully a fix was needed. It’s a pretty simple fix I have used subsequently … a 3/4″ quarter round molding type piece inserted in the mold at the tip of the arm. Sure beats all that chiseling and filing !!


~ by Ed B on October 9, 2009.

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