Coliseum III

I have completed almost another full section to ‘The Coliseum’ and have plans to add at least one more before the cold really sets in. The November weather here in NH has been simply amazing, otherwise I would not even be thinking of doing another ‘pour’. I have also done more ‘adjusting’ to the mold for the engaged column. Since I am going to have to lift it into place for the second tier I have built in a ‘hollow’ to reduce weight and lessen the amount of cement needed. I’ll post a picture of it next time … promise ! 100_4301

I particularly like this next view. It seems to show more of how the whole structure curves.


I have also been musing on how to add some embellishments to the underside of the arch pieces. Hmmm…..


~ by Ed B on November 16, 2009.

One Response to “Coliseum III”

  1. Looks like things are coming along… lookin’ good – Carol

    Hello, it looks good and keep up the good work from Mom

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