Coliseum IV

As promised I have done some assembly to my coliseum. It seems the engineers didn’t do a very good job at leveling the area before erection of this last section … so I have tried to put pictures up that don’t show too much droop ! This is only a temporary situation … at least till the next warm season when work begins on the permanent installation.
The first couple pictures show some part and mold detail. Just as soon as I can get my wife to help me remember my Flicker account sign-in info I’ll post them there also …

The left arch support and ‘keystone’ with their respective mold detail pieces.

This is the ‘ramp’ piece .. that also acts as a guide for where the next column piece can be situated. It sits under the arch.

I guess this one requires a full size picture … yes, there are still a few pieces missing .. promise I will remedy that before snow flies ! Kinda nice with the aquaduct in the background !

And another that shows how it’s curving … and maybe a couple of smaller ones that show a bit of detail !

And, I was able to build a relief/hollow into the engaged column section. It reduced the weight enough so I didn’t need the wheel barrel to transport it out side !! However, the mold still needs a bit of engineering to make it easier to take apart … lots of time for that this winter !

Probably my next post will show some work on the mold I’m making for our recently planted small peonie bed. This is going to be a very detail oriented mold … as least from the builders point of view … lots of little curved shapes .. it should be fun !!


~ by Ed B on November 22, 2009.

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