The Peony Border II

Work has finally progressed enough so I feel comfortable showing some pictures … I didn’t want to show pictures that would not give a good idea of what this project would look like upon completion, but, before pouring cement. From tip to tip it’s five feet long with 45 degree ends. There are five three pointed ‘leaf’ types shapes along the length … with four volcano shapes between them … thought that would be better than nothing. Seems my cad system is alot more accurate at angles and lengths than my saber-saw so it’s not going to be as thick as I intended … but, it will be fine the way it is. I have enclosed a single ‘leaf’ section and ‘volcano’ in the pictures … wanted to get at least that much done to give an idea of how it’s going together. If I have another project that requires so many small curves I think I may need to look at a different material to close them !
So, still a work in progress …

And, yes, my work space is just as cluttered and messy as the best of ’em


~ by Ed B on December 1, 2009.

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