The First Snow

We had our first real snow here in Southern New Hampshire last night … so I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures for posterity. I haven’t gotten around to filling in those holes on the coliseum, but, I don’t think this snow is going to last … so I might still have time. One things for sure: even if I do get the peony border poured ( the mold is complete ) it’s not going in the ground this year.
So, here’s a few pictures of ‘The First Snow’ !! And the completed peony border.

And the peony bed mold … As I was working on closing those curves with aluminum it finally dawned me that I did not have to secure the lower part of the ‘leaf’ with a screw. The 3/4″ strip of plywood had to be tapped in … and kept it nice and snug … this turned out to be quite a factor in the length of time to complete it. So, hopefully, I will be able to pour it this coming week … and the missing parts for the coliseum.


~ by Ed B on December 6, 2009.

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