The Peony Border III … at last !

I must admit pouring the peony bed border was much easier than putting the mold together. And it surely did come apart alot more quickly than putting it together. I was a little hesitant about removing it from the mold today only two days after pouring it … I usually wait till the third day … but, after removing a couple of the top aluminum pieces to take a peek I realized it was safe to proceed … carefully ! The whole process took about an hour and I have now replenished my supply of 1″ sheet rock screws. The insets on the ‘flowers’ look good and all the surfaces are nice and smooth for the most part … so, now we wait till warm weather to put it in its’ place. Here’s a couple pictures !

You may be wondering what the ‘back’ looks like .. well, it’s just flat .. what else can I say about it ? Now, with a few modifications to this mold I can make the other two sides of the triangle … and they won’t have flowers !


~ by Ed B on December 14, 2009.

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