New Project .. on the drawing board II

I’ve done some drawing for the dome I intend to build starting sometime next warm season. My simple cad system won’t let me actually model something in 3d, so, taking components from previous drawings I have made a drawing that I hope will allow someone to ‘see’ how this thing will stand.

And, so it won’t look like a concrete igloo it will stand on columns of some sort that I haven’t fully visualized yet. In keeping with how The Pantheon is dimensioned the columns should be only about two feet tall, the same as the radius of the dome. Of course, I need to finish the coliseum first !!


~ by Ed B on December 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “New Project .. on the drawing board II”

  1. How do you plan to restrain the side-thrust of the dome

  2. Charles .. thanks for taking a look and the question. The theory says that if the base or column or, what I should be calling the pier, is big and/or heavy enough it will allow the arch to stand … if the arch pieces themselves are physically in the correct proportion to hold up their own weight. So, two opposing pieces of the dome are essentially an arch, with the oculus piece as the keystone. In the dome .. each arch section will have decreasing weight as it arches to the keystone .. unlike most arches. So, a good portion of the weight will be at the base of each section right from the start. And, the column I intend to build, that those lipped base sections will rest on, ( a previous post) will, if looked at in cross-section, look a little like a step pyramid .. at least on the part facing out from the dome … a bit of a late Roman innovation that was I think a forerunner to the flying buttress. And if it doesn’t work this way ?… well, I guess it’s back to the drawing board !! Plus, this dome is only 2 feet high .. 4 feet wide … so, yes, it still will act like a much larger dome, but, I think the thrust will not be so great that the weight of the pieces will be able to keep it in place.

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