An Old Project …

After having experimented and poured the first fluted column pieces it dawned on me that there really should be something that they support. A couple of columns with bases and capitols look nice … but, there was something missing. So, my first real project that involved making a mold from scratch came into being. To be perfectly honest I had no idea how it would turn out … in fact, looking back at the design from today’s vantage point of more experience, it was a fairly involved mold .. and was going to produce just a single piece … if it worked ! After two differently dimensioned layered insets, backwards carving of the year in Roman numerals, two carved three pointed stars, and a couple of loop-de-loops just for the heck of it, doing the pour by hand, ( this was pre mixer days ) there it was: a three foot long, heavy, lintel that looked just fine after some paint.

Surprisingly, I even took a picture of the mold pieces … just to show people that I really had made this thing !

Even one as it was right after coming out of the mold !

And, it even looked pretty darn good in the garden spot I dug and filled with crushed rock for it.

Of course one of the first reactions to it from a friend was ..”Ed, that’s great ! So, you’re building a cemetery in your back yard ?” Well, that thought hadn’t really occurred to me, but, to each his own. I just knew I built something I liked … and that’s the way it is ….

Oh yeah, here’s a picture of those two columns shortly after some Flecstone and before building the lintel.

And, you may have noticed that compared to pictures in previous posts of my work space in the basement .. the first picture here of the mold pieces shows a fairly uncluttered area ! Well, that didn’t take too long to remedy !!


~ by Ed B on January 11, 2010.

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