A Fallen Arch !! Amended !

A sad day yesterday …. Over the last several weeks I have been keeping a close eye on my Gateway Arch … I go through it each day a couple times with ‘the boys’, two border collies. I’ve been watching the center arch piece slowly move down along it’s corresponding surface with the ‘right’ arch piece. This could only mean one thing: the ‘right’ column was being heaved upward by good old Mom nature ! These forces also started to make the ‘right’ arch piece turn so it was not sitting square on the column. And, with all those forces going in every direction besides where they were supposed to the ‘right’ column broke just above the buttress. Fortunately, I have another one of those. Seems I’ll need to pour a footing for the whole thing like the aquaduct.
So, the next warm season is already stacked up to be a humdinger: finish pouring parts for the coliseum … and dig and pour a footing for it; start building molds for the dome / pantheon and hopefully start pouring parts for that; dig and pour a full footing for the gateway arch / and re-do the keystone because it broke in the fall … I think it landed on one of the other pieces.

It really does look like my back yard is resembling an area of ruins !

Mom Nature was at it again just making sure that arch came down. Not satisfied with making the earth pitch and roll to ensure it fell she decided to hit the area with a blanket of heavy, wet snow that birch trees for some reason just can’t stand up to. One came right down through the center of the archway ! I think I would have felt better about it had the arch fallen from this !

‘The Garden of Peace’ arch seems to be holding it’s own, so far !!

And the aquaduct just missed getting hit !

As did the birdfeeder !

Well, it’s only the middle of January … we’ll see what Mom nature has in store for the rest of the season !


~ by Ed B on January 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Fallen Arch !! Amended !”

  1. What a bummer!

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