New Project on the Drawing Board V

Yes, it’s been a while coming, but, I have some new renderings of my dome project. It is pretty much to scale and shows a completed base section also. These drawings were done with the ‘sketchup’ program that Google gives away for free … and I like free. The program may not be as sophisticated as a professional modeling program, but, if you stick with it you can get an accurate to scale drawing made. Of course these drawings are at the fifth or sixth revision stage, but, here they are !

And one to show a little scale !

So, hopefully while I’m completing the pours for the coliseum I’ll have time to start cutting the mold pieces for this project. Come on spring !!


~ by Ed B on January 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “New Project on the Drawing Board V”

  1. Hey Ed…Just outstanding Dude! You never cease to amaze with your wonderful creations.

    • Thanks Don !! Sure hope I can get started on this in earnest soon ! Get the footing poured for the coliseum and I am ready !!

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