New Project On The Drawing Board VI

Well, I just could not wait any longer to do something substantive with this project … even though it’s still too cold to do anything outside. So, I dragged out the drafting table and started drawing templates … getting rid of alot of those numbers and lines that have been cluttering up the inside of my head for a few months. Having been using my cad system and more recently sketchup to do any drawings it was a pleasant exercise of unused skills. The results were promising: a side template of a single arch segment, a footprint of same, and a top view of the base the arch segments will rest on. So, here’s a couple pictures …. you can see some detail .. but, not alot.

This one is a little more detailed ….

Now, there’s more to do … But, with these I can very carefully cut them out and trace them on the plywood to be used as parts for the molds !! It’s a start at least. More drawings on tap for tomorrow.


~ by Ed B on February 4, 2010.

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