New Project on The Drawing board VII ..

I did complete all the drawings for the Dome Project, and, have carefully cut them out to be used as templates. Cabin Fever closing in, so, I brought a piece of plywood up from the garage and traced most of them out.
Meanwhile, using Google sketch up I have ‘sketched’ how I hope I can present this project in the yard. I have an idea it’s going to be centered in front of the aquaduct somehow. Anyway, here’s what I hope the whole thing looks like when done.

Of course I need to complete the coliseum first … yes, I did a sketch up of that, too !!

Looks pretty much like what I modeled it from …. and apparently there’s not too much left .. sort of !!

So, lots of stuff to do this season … including pouring a full length footing for the fallen arch (a previous post). Come on Spring !!


~ by Ed B on February 18, 2010.

4 Responses to “New Project on The Drawing board VII ..”

  1. Wow! I’ll have to spend more time when I have it, but I’m truly impressed from taking a quick look! I spent a lot of years working for a manufacturer of automatic control systems for the concrete industry. It’s so wonderful to see the stuff being used again in the way it’s inventors did! I’ve often wondered what the Romans could have done with modern design tools!


  2. Thanks Mak !! I do this because it’s fun … and I think I can. The only discouraging part is that my projects of the last couple years tend to need multiple pours and sometimes don’t get completed in one warm season. So, this year it’s on with the coliseum facade and start work on the dome / pantheon.
    Would it be ok to link to your site on my blogroll ? Yours is the kind of site I like to return to.

  3. How embarrassing! I had intended to add your site to my blogroll before I left. Thanks for reminding me! And I’d be honored to be on yours! 🙂

  4. Done … and the honor is all mine !

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