The Best Laid Plans II …

April turned out to be one heckava month ! As previously stated I had an emergency appendectomy on the fifth. During the ordeal that day, prior to the surgery, I had a ct scan done to just make sure that’s what was going on. Well, the scan showed sure enough that the appendix was doing stuff it shouldn’t and that I had a blocked ureter (I’ll let you look that up) on my left side. It was kind of indistinct so my oncologist (yeah, I’ve had prostate cancer since 2003) decided I needed an MRI to clear things up for him. Let me tell you, not having been warned beforehand, those things are loud !! Sure enough, a pesky, mis-behaving lymph node was wrapping itself around that ureter. A discussion between my darling wife, me, the urologist and the oncologist, that went from ‘quality of life’ issues to on-going prostate cancer treatments ended with all agreed that the best thing was to insert a stent.
So, almost exactly one month to the day from the appendectomy, on the sixth of May I took a deep breath of anesthesia and had that stent put in.
Of course, not wanting to let anyone down, and this being a blog about stuff I make with cement, I should let you know that I have poured the two final sides of the peony bed border. There’s just one left to stain. And, I have poured two sets of peripherals for the coliseum… bases with column pedestals and those in between parts and one arch set. So, I have not totally ignored my ‘work’ ! Pictures soon, I promise !
I hope to be back at it in a week or two … so many things to build … so little time !


~ by Ed B on May 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Best Laid Plans II …”

  1. Wow! Sorry to hear you’ve got so much to worry you. I wish you all the best, my friend! Hang in there. Looking forward to the pix!

    • Thanks Mak ! Hopefully things are under control .. at least for now and I can resume those best laid plans with a bit more vigor in the very near future.

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