Peony Bed Border … Coliseum … Yes !

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to post something … with pictures !! Medical appt’s not withstanding I have been doing my work with cement .. and a bit of stain.
First the peony bed border … it’s in the ground .. and it’s staying there ! A hint to those who might want to do something like this; don’t plant the peonies to close to where the border has to go. It may not be too apparent in the pictures, but, the forms don’t quite come together the way they should. Oh well !

Looks like I should have done a bit of mowing before taking the pictures !!

And on to the coliseum ! Well, a facade at least. In a previous post you might have noticed five columns making up the first tier … to give a better idea of how it will look when complete I stole one from the right end to use for the second tier .. with an arch section.

So, I need to replace that first tier column .. two more for the second tier .. with accompanying parts. If .. and that’s a big if .. I can do one pour a week for three weeks .. it’s done. Then it’s on to digging and pouring the footing … and then I can start work on The Dome Project in earnest , better known here as New Project On The Drawing Board


~ by Ed B on May 20, 2010.

7 Responses to “Peony Bed Border … Coliseum … Yes !”

  1. Damn dude, that looks awesome! I’m so glad to see that you’re not letting your health issues hold you back from this, though I wonder at the heavy lifting implied by these photos. You finally get around to getting that “backyard mini-crane?” 😀

    • Thanks Mak !! A little appendecitis and a bit of cancer can’t keep me down for long ! And, nope, no mini crane … on the back of the column section I built in a void to reduce weight. Wasn’t much of a problem to lift into position .. and the other parts are fairly light to begin with. Just might be a problem if go for three tiers, though !!

  2. Impressive! Are you using wood stain or concrete stains?

    • Thanks Jeff !! Right now I’m using a concrete stain from Homedepot. I’m not really impressed with the look … but, it will be fine to finish the coliseum. For future projects I’d like to try some acid stain. I’ve seen some really amazing results on projects using it .. over at the Gardenartforum.
      Thanks for taking a look !

  3. Hi Ed! It’s Kevin from nohurrycurry. Just wanted to say thanks for reading and for the comment. If you’re traveling soon, shoot us any questions you have – we love sharing what we’ve learned from our trip.

    • Kevin ! Thanks for stopping by and for the offer of info .. don’t think we have plans to travel in the near future, but, you never know. Safe travels !!

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