Coliseum V

Today I freed the parts of another complete section of my coliseum facade from their molds … and put them in place on the temporary platform. This is the second section completed since my last post. Just one more to go ! You may think I should have an equal number of sections on each tier .. however, if you have been to Rome or seen detailed pictures of The Coliseum you will find that what is now the outside facing entrance is similar to how mine will look.

And, yes, here’s a couple pictures … so far !

So, another pour, a little staining, then the hard part: digging the hole for the footing. And, my DW even agreed with my thoughts on where it’s going to be !
And, just so you know, I have begun work on cutting forms for ‘The Dome Project’ … posted here as ‘New Project on the Drawing Board’, or something like that.


~ by Ed B on June 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Coliseum V”

  1. Looks great! Looking forward to seeing more. Something I might have missed elsewhere, but how tall is each “story”?

  2. Hi Jeff .. thanks for stopping in !! To answer your question .. each ‘story’ is 30 inches. Just one more section for the second ‘story’ and I’m calling it done ! I’ve even considered using using some ‘rebar’ for the footing … in the form of galvanized steel … so it won’t rust, well you know.
    Thanks Jeff !

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