The Coliseum …

Finally all the parts are complete and in place on the temporary footing for my coliseum facade. I have a bit more staining to do … maybe. Now it’s down to digging the footing. I got the outline dug out last week and removed the sod … the hard part awaits the end of this humidity we’ve been having the last few days. At least I have been able to start stockpiling some concrete for it … close to half .. I think.
So, here’s a couple pictures:

Now, you may think ‘hey, it’s not done .. there’s a section missing !’ Well, it’s as intended … a ruin. When in Rome I never saw a ruin that was as complete as when it was built … except maybe The Pantheon !


~ by Ed B on June 29, 2010.

6 Responses to “The Coliseum …”

  1. Nice work! Are you planning on adding “aging” effects to complete the “ruins” appearance? πŸ˜€

    • Thanks Mak !! I’ve been investigating that off and on … just haven’t come up with anything definitive yet. We shall see !

  2. Thank you Ed for weighing in on my blog. I appreciate the interest you expressed (devil’s advocate?). Best of luck to you in your pursuits!

    • You’re welcome ! And, thanks for stopping in here ! As for the ‘devil’s advocate’ .. well, it’s apparent you delve into the subject much more than I, so I sometimes feel a well put together question can be as useful to bringing a subject out more clearly. I appreciated the responses ! Thanks !
      hope you stop in here again sometime !

  3. Excellent work here! This is what we like to see, people putting time in and taking pride in their work! Really love the design!

    Great work! πŸ˜€

    • Thanks !! Haven’t done alot this season unfortunately .. the heat and health issues have been working against me. However, I will get ‘The Coliseum’ onto it’s permanent home fairly soon, I hope ! Thanks for stopping in !

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