A Mailbox Post ….

Yesterday I was successful in installing a new mailbox post ! A neighbor and friend who cuts my wife’s and my hair (mine only occasionally ) is the proud recipient. The post hole did not go quite as deep as I wanted by about two inches … a rock larger than the diameter of the hole just wouldn’t be moved .. at least not by me ! The whole thing went just how I planned it .. from getting the post into the truck to being able to slide it right into the hole. A bag and a half of cement .. a little dirt on top of that .. a little mulch .. and there you have it. here’s a before and after picture.

The customer decided that she would put any paint on it if any ..

Another successful installation complete ! It’s not a coliseum or an aquaduct, but, it’s something I created ……..


~ by Ed B on July 16, 2010.

6 Responses to “A Mailbox Post ….”

  1. Man, that looks so classy! 😀

  2. Guess I’ll have to get that mold cleaned up and ready for the onslaught … maybe even make another !

  3. Looks Great! Congrats on your first sale & installation.

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