The Coliseum … In Place

At long last ‘the coliseum’ is in place ! Yes, it took some time .. more than anticipated because of the heat this summer. And, when it wasn’t really hot it was raining or just so humid it seemed I might as well be living in So. Florida.
As you can this isn’t a full size replica .. in fact it is just my version of a section of the real thing in Rome. I did manage to pour a footing for it early in the season. Not being a mason I didn’t get it quite flat, though fairly level, and bought some 2″ thick concrete patio blocks which I was able to mortar into place nice and level. These pictures don’t show the staining I intend to do to the blocks so they blend in better with the rest of the whole thing.
So, here’s a few pictures that show the progression. Questions or comments appreciated.

And this last one to show how it looks in the yard.


~ by Ed B on September 12, 2010.

10 Responses to “The Coliseum … In Place”

  1. That really looks great! You should do a video “tour” that you can post on YouTube. I, for one, would love to see it!

    • Thanks Mak !! I certainly would do that if I had a video camera. In loo of that I’ll hold a ticket for you for the tours I’m sure are gonna start happening soon 🙂

  2. That yard is starting to look a lot like a historical ruins site… Just need a few half-buried columns, some random decorative capitals laying about or other architectural items and broken stone sheets with Roman Latin written on them.

  3. Yes, just don’t know how my wife would feel if I started leaving them around the yard here and there !!

  4. wow this looks seriously impressive, good job with that!


    • Thanks Ethan !! Next project this season will be a pantheon type structure. There are drawings under ‘New Project on the Drawing board’.

  5. lol you are really having some sort of 7 wonders of the world thing going on in your very own backyard aren’t you? very nice :]

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