About Centerstone

(Ed passed away on September 15, 2013, from aggressive metastatic prostate cancer. What he created and documented in these pages was so important to him.  I will leave this blog up as long as it gets hits which it does.)

Centerstone is about what I have built and am in the process of building with cement. My interest in this, especially the design aspect, resulted from 30 years in the sheet metal trade. As an amateur programmer I played with a variety of eye-pleasing designs that became more and more complex. However, this continued to be a 2 dimensional field … always, for me, anyway.

An outlet for more the 2 dimensions came pretty easily: build something ! My first experiments with an arch and cement were quite disastrous and allow no more comment ! The thing that really decided this hobby for me was finding out that a little patience and a little skill can have an outcome that will stand the test of time … and even look good in the back yard.

My projects have ranged from simple and elegant to fairly large and complex, for me anyway. New ideas are always popping up and I hope to build them all !

Comments, criticisms, and questions are welcomed !


11 Responses to “About Centerstone”

  1. Hi Ed, I’m impressed with your blog site, the write-ups and photos. I didn’t realize all the varieties of arches that you create! They evoke a sense of antiquity, very nice accent pieces for gardens, etc. You’ve launched a unique enterprise! Good luck using Craig’s List, it’s been helpful for me.

  2. Hi Ed,
    Just checking your site again. Sorry about the fallen arch..but the snow is pretty…. we’ll see you soon,

  3. This reminds me of Howard Roark… 😉

    • Thanks Vincent ! Hope you come back from time to time to check on the progress of the projects I have going !

    • Hahaha, yes it does remind me of Howard too. Ed just commented on an Atlas Shrugged post i commented on, I love coincidences.

      • Thanks for taking a look around here. And, what makes you think it was a coincidence ? Ha ! Check your premises.

  4. Hope you get back to Rome to see the Baths of Caracalla. As I always tell my students, the ancient Romans didn’t care much for boring orthogonal designs, so they liked to “sex it up a bit” with a multiplication of curvelinear forms…

  5. Hey Ed. Looking better the more I find out. You have a good eye for a classical construction. There is just something so graceful about a Roman colonnade, isn’t there?

    • Thanks for stopping by ! For me it’s always been those arches … and how they just stand there … and with the colonnade can go on almost forever !

  6. I am a teacher, could you explain a little of what you do. the work is intriguing, would like to share with my students. thanks.

  7. Very sorry to hear about Ed’s passing. Thanks for letting us readers know. Sorry for your loss.

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