Did You Know ?

Did you know that when leaving a comment to any of the posts that the comment also shows up on my e-mail ? Quite handy, actually. I’ve thought for sometime that perhaps some people are not familiar with this aspect of a ‘wordpress’ site. And, if you click ‘centerstone’ at the top of the page it will take you to ‘the front page’
So, let me hear from you … good .. bad .. or maybe you want something I can build for you.


3 Responses to “Did You Know ?”

  1. Hi Ed — Just wonderful work! And my special thanks for sharing your techniques. I hope it helps your clients understand just how much work goes into projects such as these.Meanwhile…I would be honored if you would allow me to add your name & website to the growing list of “Featured Artists” on the Homepage of TheGardenArtForum.Com. I never place permanent links there without the artists’ blessings. It is free and by invitation only to working artists who demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship. Yours most certainly qualifies.

    All my best,
    Donald Tucker

  2. Howdy Ed! Just looking over your site again. You do amazing work! I visited your wife’s link as well. Such a creative couple!

    • Thanks for looking in again, Beckie ! I’ll let my wife know where one of those ‘stats’ came from. I know that what I do is different than what most people on the ‘forum’ do … I like the enthusiasm, encouragement, and helpful hints.
      Thanks again !!

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