Peony Bed Border … Coliseum … Yes !

•May 20, 2010 • 7 Comments

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to post something … with pictures !! Medical appt’s not withstanding I have been doing my work with cement .. and a bit of stain.
First the peony bed border … it’s in the ground .. and it’s staying there ! A hint to those who might want to do something like this; don’t plant the peonies to close to where the border has to go. It may not be too apparent in the pictures, but, the forms don’t quite come together the way they should. Oh well !

Looks like I should have done a bit of mowing before taking the pictures !!

And on to the coliseum ! Well, a facade at least. In a previous post you might have noticed five columns making up the first tier … to give a better idea of how it will look when complete I stole one from the right end to use for the second tier .. with an arch section.

So, I need to replace that first tier column .. two more for the second tier .. with accompanying parts. If .. and that’s a big if .. I can do one pour a week for three weeks .. it’s done. Then it’s on to digging and pouring the footing … and then I can start work on The Dome Project in earnest , better known here as New Project On The Drawing Board


The Best Laid Plans II …

•May 8, 2010 • 2 Comments

April turned out to be one heckava month ! As previously stated I had an emergency appendectomy on the fifth. During the ordeal that day, prior to the surgery, I had a ct scan done to just make sure that’s what was going on. Well, the scan showed sure enough that the appendix was doing stuff it shouldn’t and that I had a blocked ureter (I’ll let you look that up) on my left side. It was kind of indistinct so my oncologist (yeah, I’ve had prostate cancer since 2003) decided I needed an MRI to clear things up for him. Let me tell you, not having been warned beforehand, those things are loud !! Sure enough, a pesky, mis-behaving lymph node was wrapping itself around that ureter. A discussion between my darling wife, me, the urologist and the oncologist, that went from ‘quality of life’ issues to on-going prostate cancer treatments ended with all agreed that the best thing was to insert a stent.
So, almost exactly one month to the day from the appendectomy, on the sixth of May I took a deep breath of anesthesia and had that stent put in.
Of course, not wanting to let anyone down, and this being a blog about stuff I make with cement, I should let you know that I have poured the two final sides of the peony bed border. There’s just one left to stain. And, I have poured two sets of peripherals for the coliseum… bases with column pedestals and those in between parts and one arch set. So, I have not totally ignored my ‘work’ ! Pictures soon, I promise !
I hope to be back at it in a week or two … so many things to build … so little time !

The Best Laid Plans …

•April 7, 2010 • 4 Comments

“Ah yes .. a great week coming up” … I’ve been buying some cement every week … got all the molds for the coliseum out and ready for some cleaning and assembly. This was gonna be a good week ! So, Sunday we had some home made apple pie after supper … watched ’60 Minutes’ … did regular stuff and headed up stairs .. and shut out the light around 9:30.
At 2 Monday morning the cramps and pain started .. tossed and turned till six. Tried the Pepto and ginger ale trick that had no effect. By 9:30 or so we headed to the emergency room. 12:30 had me drinking that awful tasting stuff for a ‘cat’ scan .. sure wish they could improve the formular for that stuff !! The scan was read around 3:00 and at 5:00 I was being wheeled in to have my appendix removed !!
This was definitely not my plan for Monday … or the rest of the week for that matter ! So, not sure when I’ll be able to heft a bag of cement … but, I’m usually a fast healer. And, you know what they say ..’Rome wasn’t built in a day’ !!

The Peony Border IV …

•March 21, 2010 • 5 Comments

I just know you have all been waiting with baited breath for another post on this project ! All this good weather prompted me to lug this thing out to the picnic table, a prime workplace for me, and give it some color. I hope this coming week to pour one of the other two sides .. the peony bed being in the shape of a triangle I can pour two identical pieces to complete the project. The decision to color the other two sides has not been made yet … but, I may just use the silver pigment and leave it at that. So, here’s a couple pictures for ya ….

It’ shouldn’t be raining on the 23rd .. a good time to pour … and maybe even get the first one in the ground !!

Homedepot Arches ? …. Hmmm….

•March 10, 2010 • 3 Comments

There’s no place like home … We got back from Florida yesterday and this morning the thermometer read 25 degrees !! Not that it was much more than that every morning in Ft Myers, but, at least it warmed up to mid sixties and maybe even managed seventy one day during our stay, which was just three full days. We aren’t touristy kinda folks so we don’t have the usual touristy pictures … but, in keeping with the theme of this blog I took one picture that interested me. Now, we have all heard of the MacDonalds arches and the Gateway Arch in St. Louis … but arches for Homedepot ?? Yup, found this set of arches to the entrance of a Homedepot in the Ft Myers area, so, just had to get a shot from the car. It’s not the best picture, but, it’s the only one I took, so ………..

There’s another set just like this one on the other side of the road, but, I couldn’t figure out how to get a single picture with both without stopping traffic and getting myself arrested for creating a disturbance !
The temperature is supposed to soar all the way to 50 today !! Maybe I can get some cleanup type stuff done in the back yard … don’t think I’ll be pouring any cement today !!

‘The Season’ Approaches ….

•March 2, 2010 • 3 Comments

It’s been kinda tough for me to post much lately with all the cold, snow, and even torrential rains the past couple months. What I really need is a heated workspace for these months .. however, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. The good news is that even though it’s only the second of March there are encouraging signs that the warm season is on it’s way. One of those signs is that my wife and I will be taking a short vacation in Ft. Myers, Florida at the end of this week. Another good sign is that I went out today and bought some cement … I plan to do this each week for a while and have enough to complete the coliseum by the time the right time comes to start to do a pour or two. So things are looking up !! Templates are done for the dome project .. and I’m even gonna try my hand at staining on the peony bed border. Let’s hope the next post is sooner than later … with some pictures !!

New Project on The Drawing board VII ..

•February 18, 2010 • 4 Comments

I did complete all the drawings for the Dome Project, and, have carefully cut them out to be used as templates. Cabin Fever closing in, so, I brought a piece of plywood up from the garage and traced most of them out.
Meanwhile, using Google sketch up I have ‘sketched’ how I hope I can present this project in the yard. I have an idea it’s going to be centered in front of the aquaduct somehow. Anyway, here’s what I hope the whole thing looks like when done.

Of course I need to complete the coliseum first … yes, I did a sketch up of that, too !!

Looks pretty much like what I modeled it from …. and apparently there’s not too much left .. sort of !!

So, lots of stuff to do this season … including pouring a full length footing for the fallen arch (a previous post). Come on Spring !!