The Mailbox Post VI

The long awaited mailbox post was poured and finally emerged from it’s mold last week. This time there was no problem except for it’s bulkiness … I read that federal regulations require that the post needs the ability to ‘break away’ if hit by a vehicle, so, I did not insert a length of steel in the column or cross beam for strength as originally intended. Concrete being fairly brittle I think it will pass the test, though, I don’t think I’ll be ramming it with the truck anytime soon to find out ! Having read that regulation I wonder how those granite posts I’ve seen would fare in a test ?
Yesterday I cut a length of hollow aluminum pipe / tube used as the upper and lower cross pieces for a chain link fence. A 45 degree angle on one end should allow me to pound both into the ground about eighteen inches leaving about six inches to be surrounded by concrete when I’m ready to set the post. This should give plenty of stability since about eighteen inches of the post will be in concrete … in a hole eighteen inches deep and a diameter of about the same. A good mornings work coming up … good weather is prayed for !

And, here’s a couple pictures of before and after painting the inset / decoration.



You can also see in these pictures that I have the piece of pre-cut oak firmly attached to the arm. A couple of lag bolts inserted into the mold about an hour after the pour are holding it quite nicely. The mailbox will be fitted down over it and fastened with sheetrock screws.


~ by Ed B on July 22, 2009.

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